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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Detail Their Scary Experience with COVID-19

By merely watching TV, scrolling social media feed, and looking at the trending topics on Google, you’ll immediately get a glimpse of how the new strain of the coronavirus has become a mammoth problem. But for those who are healthy and have not seen how scary things may be, you’ll get an idea of how horrific the experience is from Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s accounts.

The skyrocketing number of infected patients and deaths because of the Covid-19 is enough to make anyone anxious. It turns out, catching the Covid-19 is as scary as it sounds, which is why it is best to remain indoors and avoid interacting with other people until this terrifying moment passes.

The celebrity couple was in Australia when they learned that they are infected with Covid-19

The celebrity couple was in Australia in March for the production of an Elvis Presley film, directed by Baz Luhrmann, where Tom plays the manager of the King of Rock and Roll, Colonel Tom Parker. It was also there when they learned that they, unfortunately, caught the virus that started in Wuhan, China.

Immediately after that, the pair isolated themselves in a hospital in Queensland, where they updated their fans of their battle against the virus. In a radio show, the Cast Away star described how hard it was for him and all the more for his wife.

Rita Wilson experienced other symptoms like losing her sense of smell and taste

The 63-year-old comedian shared that he tried simple exercises while at the facility but it only lasted for 12 minutes because he felt too exhausted. He told about this struggle to a medical professional who was caring for and treating him — she looked dumbfounded and then reminded him that he has the dreaded sickness.

While that may already sound like a horrible time, Tom revealed that his singer wife had a tougher bout than him. Apparently, Rita had a high-grade fever and experienced other symptoms, including losing the sense of smell and taste.

For most of the three weeks that they were confined, the Sleepless in Seattle star didn’t enjoy food because of her affected senses. Rita was given chloroquine, an anti-malarial drug said to be effective in fighting Covid-19.

Chloroquine is a medication for malaria, a disease caused by a bite of an infected mosquito

The medicine, however, made her so nauseous that it was impossible for her to walk. In order to move around, Rita had to crawl, that was how bad it was.

In another interview, the Throw Me a Party hitmaker exclaimed she wasn’t sure if the medication was really helpful but what’s undeniable is that she experienced severe side effects from it, which is why she reminded the public to be very cautious about using chloroquine. The husband and wife have recovered and are now back in their Los Angeles house.

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