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Kate Middleton Forced to Lie to Her Kids About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Life has come to a halt after the coronavirus spread like wildfire, forcing everyone to seek shelter inside their homes for weeks on end. One of the biggest setbacks from this crisis is education, and that doesn’t exclude the rich and the famous, just like Kate Middleton and Prince William’s kids who are being homeschooled during this difficult time.

The royal kids are stuck at home as well

The Cambridges, who are parents to Princes George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, are making sure that their kids are not missing anything despite staying home in this trying time, which is quite a difficult task. On top of being doting mom and dad to three young children, they also have an obligation as senior royal members of the royal family.

However, what’s undeniable is the fact that they are experts in balancing these daunting responsibilities. Last year, Prince William shared that he opted not to tell his eldest son that he is going to be a future king because he wanted to focus on being a father.

This is one sign that the couple is trying to dash a hint of normalcy in their children’s lives. Before this mess dawned on us, Prince William and Kate even drove their kids to school.

The couple brings their kids to school

Now, both of them are doing their best to provide education to their kids while social distancing. Kate is spending more time teaching her little ones than her husband since he has more prominent royal duties during the crisis.

It also makes sense because Kate had always wanted to be a hands-on parent to their kids, and as much as this is not the greatest time, it serves as a great opportunity to practice this.


While the Duchess is making sure the youngsters don’t miss anything important in school, she wasn’t entirely honest with them. The parents haven’t told their kids about the Easter break, so they didn’t even realize that the holidays had come and gone.

Kate feared that breaking off from the routine would make it hard for the children to resume their lessons, which is why she had to lie. It is unclear, however, if Kate has been finding homeschooling a walk in the park.

Chris Hemsworth understands the hardships of homeschooling

Chris Hemsworth, for one, is not a fan of teaching his kids during this time, especially since he found present topics different from his time. Whenever he needs to give lessons to his children, he would make an excuse that he needed to mow the lawn.

As such, his youngsters would end up learning about their lessons on YouTube.

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