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Jimmy Kimmel’s 5-Year-Old Gave Him a Makeover and He Looks Unrecognizable!

Jimmy Kimmel is used to having professional makeup artists work on his face to make him camera-ready. But with everyone stuck in their homes these days, he has recruited someone else for the job – his daughter.

We are social distancing in our houses but some of us have to continue with our work, including late-night show host Jimmy, who has been in virtual meetings with celebrities. Because his job requires him to appear in front of the camera, he still needs to look his best and luckily, his 5-year-old daughter has the base covered.

Jane gave her father quite a bold look

The 52-year-old donned quite an interesting look during one of his social distancing episodes, wearing a floral bow hairband and a white necklace with colorful beads or puffballs. But there was a reason why he let his child, Jane, style him; it was a nod to the Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

Of course, this year is completely different, which means parents must be creative enough to find ways to still celebrate the occasion. A magnificent work like that should be documented and they did, which Jimmy shamelessly showed to the world.

It turns out that Jimmy’s makeup artist is a princess, clad in a white gown and donned a gold crown. Jane carefully applied color to her dad’s cheeks and eyelids before adding bright eyelashes and putting red tint on his pucker.

After his makeup and accessories were done, Jane quipped that he looked like a girl. Guillermo, his costar, agreed with that but also clarified he was beautiful.

Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about his pets, Lulu and Whiskey

After all, Jimmy was going to interview one important virtual guest, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who appeared with his farmland pals, donkey Lulu and miniature horse Whiskey. Apparently, the former governor’s friends live with him and are practically friends with him.

The action star further explained that he and his pets also share the same favorite dessert: oatmeal cookies!

Billy’s Birthday

Before Jimmy had been given a makeover, he surprised his son William for his third birthday. The host shared that he promised his child that Spider-Man would be coming to his party but because of social distancing, no one’s coming.

Tom Holland surprised Jimmy’s son

Tom Holland gamely took his costume, gloves and a red hoodie, to surprise the little boy who is fondly called Billy. The celebrant also got a cool Spider-Man cake with a number 3 candle, which was brought out by his mother, Molly McNearney.

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