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R. Kelly Is Facing Another Serious Allegation, This Time It Could Cost Him Millions

Long before he was faced with severe criminal charges, R. Kelly was famously known for being the King of R&B, having sold over 75 million albums and producing throngs of chart-topping hits. However, that may seem like a blurry memory – what with the malicious accusations thrown against him.

Kelly is facing multiple charges for heinous crimes against underage women

The disgraced rapper has seen better days: he has had a bad year, and it seems like there is no stopping this streak. Now, fans are claiming that he stole one of his most iconic hits from another rapper, Bow Wow, ensuing another drama in this already complicated tale.

How It All Started

The song in question is ‘I’m a Flirt’, which R. Kelly, Bow Wow, and other artists wrote. It was allegedly supposed to be the lead track in Bow Wow’s 2006 album Price of Fame, but it ended up only as a bonus single.

The songs ‘Outta My System’ and ‘Shortie Like Mine’ eventually became the lead singles. The album sold a hundred thousand copies but ‘I’m A Flirt’ didn’t make as much noise as the other tracks.

By May 2007, R. Kelly released a remix of the controversial song with no vocals from Bow Wow. It became the lead single for his ‘Double Up’ album.

T-Pain replaced Bow Wow

Without the original ‘I’m a Flirt’ rapper in the picture, T-Pain and T.I. replaced Bow Wow in performing the song, which instantly became a success. It landed on the 12th spot of the Billboard Hot 100 and on YouTube, it had garnered a whopping 120 million views.

The issue floated anew when an internet user pointed out that ‘I’m a Flirt’ used to be Bow Wow’s song, with only R. Kelly as a featured artist. However, the latter artist allegedly chose to remix it and release it without proper credit.

What Bow Wow Has to Say

For Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Gregory Moss, the situation is much different from that and it didn’t involve theft. He gave R. Kelly the go-signal to reproduce and recreate his version of the track.

Bow Wow maintained R. Kelly asked for his permission

The 33-year-old further explained that he did give permission and in fact, R. Kelly gave him the writing credit for it. On top of that, Bow Wow still gets money from his and his pal’s versions of I’m a Flirt, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for him.

To be fair, it was kind of Bow Wow to clarify the matter, especially since the accused couldn’t defend himself because he is behind bars. Plus, he did it without having to use insulting words toward the commenter, who seemed too irritated at what he thought was an uncredited work.

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