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Chris Hemsworth Was So Starstruck When He Met Brad Pitt That He Did the Unthinkable!

It’s hard not to be fazed by our celebrity idols once we come face to face with them. While being starstruck sounds normal for most of us, you’ll be surprised to know that even A-listers even get the feeling when they meet Hollywood’s biggest names; this is what happened to Chris Hemsworth when he met Brad Pitt, one of the most distinguished actors of his generation.

The Australian actor has become a household name and a renowned celebrity, but let’s not forget that he is human, too, who couldn’t help but be in awe of people who seemed to have mastered his profession. That’s why when he met the ‘World War Z’ star, he grabbed the opportunity to go for a hug.

Brad Pitt attended the premiere of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

It was quite a scene to witness: two equally good-looking and iconic actors sharing a hug in the middle of a busy scene. The spectacle happened at the premiere of ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’which starred Brad. While we can assume that it must have felt heavenly on Chris’ part, the situation might also be awkward.

The 56-year-old offered a handshake to the ‘Thor’ star, who, then, hugged him instead. Chris narrated that his idol didn’t resist, and no security personnel dragged him away from the producer.

Chris is known for his Thor and Avengers films

Unlike other stars who seemed nice on TV but are rude in person, Brad was warm and kind. Just as the ‘Avengers’ had imagined as well, the multi-award-winning actor was wonderful and pleasant in person.

This incident just showed how Chris remains down-to-earth and an honest man who isn’t afraid to let other stars know that he appreciates them and their works. Another proof that he didn’t let stardom get to his head was the fact that he gets overwhelmed with how people associate him with his craft.

After starring in so many blockbuster movies, we already expected this. But Chris hasn’t lost perspective because everything around him is about his work, which is why he decided to relocate his family to the Land Down Under where they enjoy a more relaxed and low-key life. In Byron Bay, Chris, his wife Elsa, and their kids get to enjoy even a tiny bit of privacy.

Camila Cabello fangirled so hard when she met Emilia Clarke

If you laughed at what Chris did during his encounter with Brad, then you won’t believe what Camila Cabello did when she met Emilia Clarke. The ‘Havana’ singer is a big fan of ‘Game of Thrones’ star, so when she met the actress who played Daenerys Targaryen in the series, she automatically bent her knee and bowed to the queen.

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