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A Royal Expert Says Prince Harry Is More Vulnerable Now in His New Environment in Los Angeles Because of This Reason

If you carefully analyze what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went through when they were still active members of the royal family, it’s easy to understand why they decided to step back from their roles. Together with the immense pressure that came with the royalty tag, the never-ending and unnecessary scrutiny could make anyone run for the door.

Meghan was hit the hardest by the relentless attacks from British tabloids who were always trying to air her dirty laundry. Eventually, they decided to leave the controversies and start life anew in the United States, turning their backs on a sweet and comfortable life, after making an announcement early this year.

The Sussexes moved to Los Angeles

It was an unprecedented decision, but the extreme cyberbullying will certainly push anyone to their limits. The Sussexes officially left their royal posts in March and have since gone to Canada and now, Los Angeles, where they are believed to be shopping for a new house.

Difficult to Adjust

But while the former royals are getting used to their new life in California, royal experts predict it will be hard for them to adjust. While the former Suits star isn’t new to living in Los Angeles, her popularity has grown immensely since she married Harry.

Her husband, meanwhile, isn’t accustomed to Californian living, and in fact, this marks one of the rare moments he was separated from his family. Angela Mollard, a royal expert, fears for Prince Harry, who may find it hard to fit well into the new environment.

Prince William has been instrumental in Prince Harry’s acceptance of their mother’s death

The Duke of Sussex had overcome many obstacles with the support of the family. When his mom Princess Diana died, it was hard for him to cope with the loss, and one of the reasons he was able to deal with the painful event was because of his older brother, Prince William.

In fact, it was the Duke of Cambridge who helped him find professional help in his 20s, the time he needed therapy to go through their loss. Because of this past, the expert believes Prince Harry would become more vulnerable in his new town.

Prince Charles and Prince William have been attending engagements together

Because he is miles away, Prince Charles and his big brother have been spending more time together, especially in royal engagements, which, besides being far from his family, may hurt Prince Harry.

As such, the royal commentator predicted these could take a toll on Prince Harry, who leaned on Prince William when he was younger. If feud rumors between the siblings are correct, then it could eventually make the Duke of Sussex feel disconnected.

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