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Meghan Markle’s Favorite Banana Bread Recipe Has an Unexpected Twist

Comfort food sales have unsurprisingly soared at this stressful time and although you might be tempted to order a dessert, why not make your own? Meghan Markle has the perfect recipe for banana bread and you’ll be surprised to know that she uses two ingredients that you thought could never work in a cake recipe.

During their visit to Australia in 2018, the then-pregnant Meghan and Prince Harry went to the Mountain View Farm. The Woodley family, who welcomed the Sussexes, revealed that Meghan gave them banana bread as a present. Those who were lucky enough to taste it said there were two unexpected ingredients in it: ginger and chocolate chips.

Meghan’s banana bread has ginger and chocolate chips

It may sound like an odd combination but it worked as everyone who munched on it exclaimed it was delicious. Meghan, however, was reportedly worried if she had put too many bananas in it, but Prince Harry was quick to assure her that there’s no such thing as too much of it.

Banana bread is a favorite of the Duke of Sussex – to be fair, he loves anything that has the potassium-filled fruit in it. Avid fans of the couple know that this was a nod to the former Suits actress’ post on her now-deactivated Instagram account.

Prince Harry loves bananas

In 2016, after dating rumors were confirmed, Meghan shared an image of two bananas cuddling. The cheeky post came with a short but telling caption: Sleep tight.


Even before she became a part of the royal family, she is already fond of cooking, proof of which is her now-defunct blog called The Tig. Meghan also had a hand in Together: Our Community Cookbook, wherein several women who were affected by the Grenfell Fire shared their recipes.

She is a self-confessed foodie, what’s not obvious about that? As per reports, the 38-year-old cooks for her family every day.

A lot of her friends who visited her when she was still pregnant saw how she tried to put a sense of normalcy to their abode. One way to do this and to connect with Prince Harry is by preparing meals for both of them every dinner.

The actress allegedly cooks for her and husband every night

While Meghan was said to be on a balanced diet, she does love to indulge in relatively unhealthy food. In an interview, she revealed that she could eat French fries every day.

She also adores mac and cheese with frozen peas, a meal that she loves to give to the kids she babysits. Plus, she used to eat it with the little ones.

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