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How to Make Homemade Oat Milk with Just 4 Simple Ingredients

Nowadays, there are more vegan and dairy-free food options available in the market than ever before, thanks to the cruelty-free trend promoted by some of the most famous people like Beyonce and Jay-Z who follow a plant-based diet and have even encouraged their fans to follow suit. Studies supporting the diet for environmental purposes are also cropping up, with researchers saying that veganism can help address climate change.

Oat Milk Plus Points

When it comes to changing their lifestyle, a lot of non-vegans have a problem giving up milk because it’s just so delicious. But thanks to non-dairy alternatives like almond, hemp, rice, and soy milk, giving up dairy has never been easier. But there’s a new non-dairy milk gaining popularity these days: oat milk. You read that right, it’s not oatmeal, but oat milk. This is a great alternative for people with nut allergies and it is even rivaling the famous almond and soy milk in taste.

Recently, the public interest shifted onto plant-based milks

Oat milk can also be gluten-free, but you need to read the labels in order to be sure. It has more protein than most plant-based milk, but you have to be careful because store-bought ones may have unwanted added sugars and carbohydrates. Because you can never be too sure with what’s on the food you eat and the beverage you drink, you can always opt to make a homemade version. You can be sure that it’s cleaner and has fewer additives – plus, you can save more than buying in the market.

Making Oat Milk

Although it sounds hard to make and would require for you to be a genius, it totally doesn’t. You’ll be surprised to know that it would just be like a walk in the park. First, prepare the things you need: a cup of organic oats, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, four cups of water, and a tablespoon of honey, but only if you want a little sweetness with your beverage. You can also replace honey with one or two dates, but you can totally leave this off if you want to cut back on sugar.

For the materials to use, you need a strainer, a bowl, a high-speed blender, colander, and a milk towel or cloth. This would make four cups and will require an hour and about five minutes to make. The first step is to leave the oats soaking in the water for an hour and after which, strain the oats. Place them on a colander and wash them again before putting the oats to the blender along with the vanilla extract, water, and honey.

Making your own oat milk at home only requires a few ingredients

Strain the mixture with the towel and make sure to squeeze hard so that no clumps will be added to the milk. There you go – the oat milk that can last for six days max under fridge storage. Remember to always shake the mixture before you pour it to your glass or your food to get a smooth texture.

Oat Milk Hype

Meanwhile, the buzz surrounding oat milk seems to be getting louder and louder and companies are definitely not deaf when it comes to the demands of the public. Many brands are now starting to invest by incorporating oat milk into many products like ice cream, yogurt, creamer, and even chocolate. Because there is a surge in the demand of the wonder product, you can expect no shortage because a lot of brands are jumping on the bandwagon. Swedish brand Oatly was considered one of the firsts to have brought the product to the United States in 2016, but of late, there are numerous big brands offering the same product as well.

With all the hype, oat milk can now be found in numerous food products like ice cream and yogurts

In social media, you can also observe how oat milk is becoming a constant among health-conscious peoples’ lattes. Aside from tasting good, some report it has the same consistency of a cow’s milk rather than the almond milk, while others noted it is creamy enough. Influencers and baristas are making it easier for the public to try out oat milk-infused products, and that’s because oat milk has a neutral taste, Elmhurst Milked food scientist Cheryl Mitchell said.

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