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5 Creative Storage Ideas for Your Spices that Will Upgrade Your Kitchen

When it comes to your kitchen layout, it’s usually your most-used appliances that are the star of the show., But if you want your cooking sanctuary to look Instagrammable, you might have to pay more attention to organizing your spices. Not only will this make your kitchen look less cluttered, but it will also save you some time when you’re looking for a particular spice jar.

If you’re feeling like Marie Kondo, it’s high time that you make life easier by organizing your kitchen in a way that will save time and look aesthetically pleasing. Here are some ways you can store your spices.

Test Tubes

Test tubes can be an adorable way to display your spices in the kitchen

If you only have a few spices in the kitchen, this is a great way to keep them organized. Use test tubes to store the spices and recycle corks to serve as the lid. You can find cheap ones at the craft store along with other materials you need for this project. You can place the set on a wooden rack, and in order to locate what you need easier, place a masking tape at the top and then put the label. It will be accessible and be an eye-catcher for visitors, for sure.

Hang in the Walls

When it comes to the kitchen, it is best that you maximize the space, so the key here is to occupy spots that you never thought could hold items. These are hidden treasures that you need to find but in order to do so, you need to be imaginative and then be creative on how you can utilize the place to your advantage.

One of the said gems is under the top cabinets – at first glance, it seemed impossible but here’s one way to do it: first, find small identical transparent jars where you can store your spices, but make sure that these have tin lids which you can poke a hole on to. Tie a string and hang them. This simplistic idea isn’t just a very organized way of keeping your spices accessible, it also serves as a low-key decoration in your kitchen because they are naturally colorful.

Tic Tac Containers

Tic Tac containers have many uses, one of which is for storage of spices

When you finished your mint, don’t throw Tic Tac containers away because these have many uses. You can recycle these for your spices. Just remove the sticker label and replace with the names of spices. This is a cute way to have an organized kitchen, especially if you have a small apartment or if you live in an RV. You can also use this whenever you’re heading out to picnics and you prefer to bring your own seasoning.

Vintage Vibe

If you love everything vintage, then this DIY is for you, but be warned, you need patience in looking for retro things in garage sales or thrift stores. Opting for a new one defeats the purpose of the old vibe and it will be worth it – not only will you be saving money, but it will totally fit in with your vintage-themed kitchen. For this one, comb through shops for a soda box shelf, which you can reinvent if you want to refresh the design or you can just let it be.

After cleaning the shelf, find jars that will be small enough to fit into the holes. If you can’t easily identify spices just by merely looking at them, paint the bottom part with chalkboard paint so you can label them easily.

Baby Food Jars

Baby food jars are the new mason jars

Speaking of recycling, baby food jars are the new mason jars. Aside from saving money from buying expensive jars, you are also saving the planet by repurposing what used to be containers of your toddler’s mashed vegetables. Baby food jars are also handier since it is smaller than regular jars, which also makes it cuter and more adorable. Also because of its size, it is a better spice jar if you have smaller amounts of seasoning at hand.

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