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Eco-Luxurious Treehouses You’ll Love if You’re a Child at Heart

Having a treehouse is something every child has dreamed of at some point. If you could afford some extra space in your backyard and had supportive parents, then you most likely experienced the thrill of climbing up the tree for secret team meetings in your childhood.

However, not all of us had the luxury of owning our hideout as kids, and now that you’re an adult, it’s not too late to turn the dream into a reality, You’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of world-class treehouses that are at the same level as hotels. Some of these are eco-friendly and luxurious at the same time, often termed as “eco-luxe.”

Here we list some of the most stunning treehouses from around the globe:

Chaa Creek

Situated in the heart of lush greenery in San Ignacio, Belize, Chaa Creek is the place to go if you want to give back to the environment. Unlike a traditional hotel, this luxury resort offers fun outdoor activities like hiking, canoeing, bird watching, and butterfly farm visit. Guests can also interact with wildlife at the treetop villas, where they can hear animals like parrots and other tropical birds.

For those who think that treehouses may leave them feeling out of touch with the world because of the jungle feels, it’s not at all primitive – it has wi-fi, perfect for when you immediately need to upload your #PhotoOfTheDay. These villas boast sundecks, pools, and even furniture made from material from the property.

Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses

The Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses are composed of five houses that are designed 10 meters above the ground

The Hapuku Tree Houses, cozily snuggled in South Island, New Zealand, are the creation of architect Tony Wilson, the five treehouses built at least 10 meters above, provide a remarkable view of the mountain range. Plus, the rooms are made with salvaged timbers, and the food is locally sourced.

Primland Tree Houses

The Primland treehouses sit at the edge of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, but don’t rush about saying the place isn’t safe. The three cabins are designed carefully in high tree branches, which will give guests a clear view of the North Carolina Piedmont and Kibler Valley.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than accomplishing your childhood dream while pampering in the intimate cabins. The place also offers horseback riding, fly-fishing, and tomahawk throwing. It’s not hard to take in nature when you’re high up a treehouse that promises you a breathtaking view and an excellent lodging experience.


The Treehotel in Sweden is camouflaged within the environment

If there’s one standout among this list, it’s Lulea, Sweden’s Treehotel. However, you will have a hard time looking for the place once you’re down below because it is impressively camouflaged in the environment, thanks to the mirror and glass walls.

Once you spot it, you will likely see the beauty of the untouched surrounding as it gets reflected in the treehouse. What you’ll see from the outside is just equally magnificent as with your view from the inside as you will be able to gaze at the panoramic view through the glass walls. Tham & Videgard designed the tree hotel, and there’s also a 40-foot bridge that will take you to the treehouse.

Sacred Geome Treehouse

Costa Rica’s Geome Treehouse requires guests to climb the trees to go to other rooms

Climbing up 15 feet high above the trees to get to your treehouse may sound hard, but it will be worth it once you make it at the top. The Scared Geome Treehouse, located at an organic farm in Montezuma, Costa Rica, has four outdoor structures – a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and the Awareness, which you can use for meditation or looking out – that are held by Melina trees.

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