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Dads Spend 7 Hours a Year Avoiding Chores, By Hiding in This Unconventional Spot

It certainly isn’t unusual to crave some alone time every now and then. We constantly encounter stressors at work or on social media which can take a toll on your mental health and overall wellbeing.

That said, everyone should be allowed to take a break whenever they want – and this doesn’t exclude men, specifically fathers, who are usually perceived as the pillars of strength in the family. Plus, as dads, it can be extremely hard to take a breather when the kids are fighting loudly or there is a constant need to do chores.

Things can get overwhelming for fathers

According to a survey of 1,000 British men, fathers have found an unconventional but totally relatable way of stepping away from chaos in the house – going to the bathroom. The results found that on average, they spend seven hours in the bathroom per year just to get peace and quiet.

The resounding reason for this was so that they can use their cell phones undisturbed and avoid their chores. Bathroom business Pebble Gray’s owner Helena Linsky explained that the nook seemed to be a go-to spot for people who want to unplug from the noise even for a short time.

Parents want some alone time as well

Nowadays, even a temporary rest from distractions is a privilege, so it is highly advisable to make time to reflect and focus on yourself. As per the research, 45 percent of the respondents considered finding time for themselves as a struggle, while 25 percent said their other half don’t understand how life can get busy for them.

Plus, those surveyed said they are likely to be interrupted by their partners whenever they are in the sanctuary, but they are also frequently disturbed by the kiddos. But despite the hysteria and frenzy, it is still crucial for these men to get their me-time, even if it meant staying in the bathroom.

Respondents called the bathroom their safe place

About 25 percent of the respondents also said that they would be clueless on how to deal with stress if it weren’t for their trip to their special place. Some even referred to the bathroom as their safe place.

Fourteen percent revealed they bring books, magazines, and food when they go there.

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