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4 Organizing Hacks That Even Lifestyle Guru Marie Kondo Will Approve

If you’ve browsed through your social media feed lately, then you’ve probably noticed that more and more of your friends are posting photos of their organized bedrooms or neatly-folded shirts arranged according to color. This is probably the influence of a Netflix show called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” The show has taken over social media by storm and inspired us to declutter our house and organize our lives.

The Japanese tidying expert makes organizing look so easy but don’t let her simple yet effective suggestions fool you into thinking that tidying up is a walk in the park. But as time-consuming as it may be, cleaning your house can be so satisfying that many people are trying to follow Kondo’s advice. Here are some of our favorite hacks for organizing your home, which will probably receive a nod from the one and only, Ms. Kondo.

Book Arrangement

Try arranging your books by color, which can make organizing fun

Heaps of books scattered around the house is one of the worst nightmares for bookworms. If you’re not as rich as Bill Gates and you don’t have a massive library to organize your book collection, then your beloved treasures will have to go in a small nook of your room. Try organizing them by color instead of genre or alphabetical order because it will be easier for you to put it back in its place once you’re done reading

Bringing back the book will be a breeze because you basically just need to find the color scheme it belongs to. As the tidying goddess underlined, it is highly important that things have to have a designated spot that they should return to. What’s more, it will be aesthetically pleasing and this could be an eye-catcher to anyone who visits your room.

Reinvent Your Closet

Closets can be one of the messiest parts of a room, especially during winter because this is the time when thick sweaters and coats can take up most of the space. At other times we tend to shovel clothes into our closet, pretty much like we’re dumping garbage into the bin.

However, as Kondo says in her book, it is essential that we transform this space into something that can make you happy whenever you visit it. Of course, this involves repainting it to your favorite color, putting divisions to the levels, and even folding the clothes properly – or perhaps, you can do the “KonMari” way, especially if you have things you don’t want to let go of.

The golden rule from the show which you can follow for practicality is to ask whether something still sparks joy. So for your closet, choose which ones are still valuable for you and discard other unnecessary things. You may be surprised to find out just how many things aren’t actually needed anymore.

Start Journaling

If you need a constant reminder of your organizational goals and ideals, practice bullet journaling

As per Kondo, you need to imagine what you want the outcome of the space to be, and if you are a visual person, the best thing to do is to write it down. Sometimes, you are more motivated to reach the goal when you see or read it – this is because you are constantly reminded of your ideals and goals, which will, in turn, motivate you to stick with them. So try making a bullet journal, this way you’re not just jotting down the organizational ideas that pop to your head, but you’ll also express your creativity along the way.

Use Transparent Labeled Containers 

To avoid buying duplicates of the things you have, use transparent boxes for storage

If you use closed boxes to store away different items on the shelf, it is best that you use transparent containers instead so you can easily identify what’s inside. As Kondo pointed out, this will prevent you from buying the same stuff just because you forgot you have one or where you put it.

This hack is also helpful in the kitchen, specifically in the spice cabinet. If you don’t have a rack, chances are, the jars or bottles would look disorganized in one shelf. Moreover, you have to read the labels just so you’ll know which one you’re looking for. You can use transparent small mason jars and place a chalkboard sticker where you can write what type of spice it contains. Neatly organize this in a rack, which will make it easier for you to use.

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