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People Who Don’t Get Enough Sleep Have This One Thing in Common

For most adults, sleep has become a privilege – it may sound ubiquitous but with the many things a person has to deal with on a daily basis, getting enough shut-eye has often taken a back seat. However, experts have advised against depriving yourself of quality rest.

A busy life may mean late-night deadlines and catching up your missed hours during the weekends but it is crucial that you get the minimum required hours of sleep every night. Clinical psychologist Lillian Nejad explained that adults need between seven to nine hours per day.

Signs of Problems

After a tiring day, our bodies need to recuperate and we do this by sleeping. If you’re not getting enough rest, then it will manifest in how you function the following day.

Cris Saur/Unsplash Feeling sluggish and irritable is a sign of sleep deprivation

Signs that you are deprived of sleep include feeling sluggish, grouchy, irritable, and anxious. Long-term lack of shut-eye can also increase your risk of developing mental health problems such as depression.

Observe if you can’t wake up in the morning without hitting an alarm, if you experience headaches the moment you stand from your bed or if you feel sleepy in the afternoon. If yes, then you need to change your routine and start creating one that will help you doze off immediately at night.

Why You Can’t Sleep

There are many ways to fix your sleep cycle but to be able to do that, you must address the problems first. What’s causing it hard to fall asleep at night?

First, know that caffeine is a big no-no during nighttime. There’s a reason a cup of joe is consumed mostly in the morning and that’s to wake your senses up, so drinking this before you go to sleep will only make you more awake rather than relaxed.

Danielle Macinnes/Unsplash Coffee is one of the main reasons a person can’t sleep

Then, make your room very inviting by altering the lights and the ambience. There are many humidifiers available and you can add drops of your favorite essential oils for a relaxing vibe.

Avoid using gadgets when you’re already in bed. This is because devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets emit blue light, which inhibits the production of melatonin, or the hormone that tells your body to go to sleep.

Alif Caesar Rizq Pratama/Unsplash Gadgets in bed inhibit the production of melatonin

Try to go to sleep at the same hour every day so that your body will see it as a routine. After a while, you don’t have to force dozing off because it will become a natural activity.

Lastly, empty your mind of things that can make you anxious. Remember, it’s hard to fall asleep with so many thoughts, especially if you’ve been bothered by work matters – leave business issues in the office so you can properly rest at home.

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