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Powerful Parenting Advice from Kate Hudson’s Mum That Every Parent Needs to Hear

One of the hardest yet most rewarding tasks in this world is parenting – there’s no surefire way to do it, which is why it is best to get pieces of advice from your parents. This exactly what Kate Hudson did when she kept in mind a valuable lesson from her mom, Goldie Hawn.

The 74-year-old imparted words of wisdom to her daughter when she was pregnant with her eldest, Ryder Russell, who is now 16. Apparently, Kate was curious about why she always felt sad.

Goldie explained that once the baby arrives, he/she isn’t yours anymore – the How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days star sees this as the most powerful message her mom has given her. The Cactus Flower star maintained that it is all about setting your children free and allowing them to become their own person.

Moms usually have a hard time allowing their children to leave their nests, especially because they don’t want to feel they are not needed anymore, she further elucidated. However, Goldie believes that this is just a phase and there would come a moment when it is time to reunite again.

Kate Hudson has three kids

While Kate has gotten good suggestions from her mom, there are differences in their parenting styles as well. Apparently, the 41-year-old is very strict when it comes to raising her three kids, Ryder, Rani Rose, and Bingham Hawn.

The Fabletics founder admitted that she is far stricter with her kids than Goldie was with raising her and her siblings Wyatt Russell and Oliver Hudson. However, it’s just one thing they have agreed to disagree upon.

Goldie Hawn said she is more lenient in parenting than her daughter

But Goldie didn’t stop there. She further advised her daughter that children are our greatest teachers. Because of that, parents must be willing to learn and accept the fact that kids are not their mom or their dad and vice versa.


Speaking of parenting, Goldie also narrated how Kate’s name was supposed to be Rebecca. She was in labor at the time and was on the way to the hospital when she felt a strong kick from her baby.

Hence, she knew that a more fitting name was Kate. From that moment on, Goldie knew that her daughter could handle any bumps that she encountered.

Kate’s name was supposed to be Rebecca, Goldie said

The mother and daughter duo has formed a deep bond. When Kate gave birth to Bing, the proud grandmother was there to witness a natural delivery, the first for the Bride Wars star.

Of course, Goldie wouldn’t miss it! The Private Benjamin actress shared that they thought Bing was a girl.

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