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Surprising Reason Why Selfish People are the Happiest

What comes to mind when you hear ‘selfish’? The word often falls under the same category as ‘greedy’, ‘self-serving’, ‘inconsiderate’, and other unpleasant terms that describe a person who is persistent in doing what they want regardless of other people’s wellbeing – these are only a few ideas that pop.

We usually think lowly of individuals who put their needs before others and think they are at the center of the universe, but science has found that they’re not as bad as we see them. Breanna Jane Sada, Lysn psychologist, says that the society has associated selfishness with entitlement, egotism, and greed.

However, this notion seems to be unfair because she believes that there are certain acts that fall under this description and yet, these should be encouraged. These are exercise, sufficient sleep, and self-care that serve the self rather than other people but are all meant to aid our personal growth.

Better Decisions

Burst/Unsplash Acting upon your own interest can help make decisions

According to a research from Ohio State University, you make better decisions once you distance your emotions when doing this. Acting on our wants and desires can also help us commit to a decision and goals because we intend to see this pan out later on.

Career Advancement

Being selfish at work doesn’t mean hoarding all the projects or stepping on other people’s toes to make sure you get what you want. It is about being assertive and confidently asking for your wants and needs from the higher-ups.

Evangeline Shaw/Unsplash Standing up for what you believe in may earn you a promotion someday

This also involves being firm in your beliefs. While all these acts are classified selfish, remember that these are necessary for your career to progress and your relationship in your workplace.

You don’t have to be mean when pointing things out, rather you should be respectful in pushing for what you think will make other people realize your worth. For example, you need to ensure that you are given credit for things that you accomplished – who knows, maybe this bravery will pay off someday when your boss sees that you’re fit for a managerial position because of your attitude.

Healthy Relationship

You might be wondering why you need to be selfish in a relationship when all we have ever been told is to be selfless to have a lasting bond with our significant others. However, it is indeed true that we first should love ourselves before we are able to love others.

The psychologist explained that you need to attend to your needs, too, while you care for others because if not, you may become resentful. Imagine if you keep on giving your partner what he/she needs, then there will come a time when you will end up feeling neglected.

Toa Heftiba/Unsplash Being selfish can make your relationship better

To stop this from happening, take some ‘me’ time now and then and although this is a self-serving act, it will do good for both you and your lover. Be honest about your needs and tell your partner about it so that he/she can adjust as well.

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