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Expert Debunks a Popular Myth about Carbs That We Thought Was True

The ketogenic diet along with so many others has painted carbohydrates as the culprit for weight gain, making people think that it’s a sin to consume anything under this food group. However, several trainers have denounced this thought and said it may not be the best option to skip this usually-maligned nutrient.

Fitness trainer Sam Wood, who has almost two decades of practice, is one who believes that carbs are not the enemy in the health equation. It is unclear where the myth started but with claims like this, it is either it has snowballed in time or may be loosely based on facts, leading to most people’s confusion.

It turns out, it is all about finding the good ones versus the bad ones, the expert said. For sure, when you hear carbs, you instantly think of bread and pasta, however, Sam advised to go for the least processed choice such as brown rice or sourdough bread.

Lars Blankers/Unsplash Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates

Some vegetables also offer carbs without causing problems in your waistline. But bad ones, such as instant meals and store-bought pastries, will not just affect your weight but your overall wellbeing, too.

Meanwhile, reducing your intake of carbs can lead to slow metabolism and the release of the stress hormone cortisol. Testosterone levels will fall as well, making it hard to gain muscles.

Benefits of Carbs

As such, you don’t have to cut carbs entirely out of your diet because this macronutrient is essential. First of all, it is where your body gets energy, fueling our activities throughout the day.

Saulo Mohana/Unsplash You need carbs to run through the day

Imagine if you remove carbs out of your life and you have lots of chores to do, you feel like a car without fuel. Our bodies burn glucose, which becomes energy, to sustain our needs and activities.

Contrary to what people know, carbs do aid in weight loss. Haven’t you noticed that well-balanced meals contain fiber-rich ingredients?

Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate that is crucial in the process of digestion. It has two kinds, soluble and insoluble — the latter is found in nuts and whole grains that make it easier to pass stool.

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona/Unsplash Do carbs cause bloating?

As such, it can prevent bloating, which you usually assume is because of that bowl of spaghetti you’ve eaten. Fiber-rich carbs are, in fact, essential in frequent and regular bowel movement.

To round up the advantages of carbs, they simply are irresistibly delicious, we can all agree. As long as you are focused on eating the good kind, then there’s no reason to leave the food group in the dark.

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