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Trevor Noah Just Proved that He’s the Best Boss Ever with This Inspiring Move

The pandemic that enveloped the entire world with fear has disrupted the normal as we know it and this includes employment. Most of us have gone off to transition to a work-from-home setup, a tactic that TV shows have adopted as well.

Things had gotten complicated since the coronavirus quickly spread across the nation. Of course, this doesn’t exclude celebrities like Trevor Noah, who makes sure to still make viewers laugh from his home.

JStone/Shutterstock The comedian got his crew’s back

The talk show host may have been broadcasting ‘The Daily Show’ from his abode but it takes an entire team to do that. You can say that it will only need the internet and a laptop or computer to air but the comedian is not leaving anyone from his staff hanging.

In fact, at this stressful time, he makes it a point that his crew is getting paid, even if that meant reaching for money out of his own pocket. That’s right – Trevor is shouldering the salary of 25 furloughed staff amid the shutdown of production of the hit show.

Vanilla Bear Films/Unsplash The show halted months ago, leaving cameramen temporarily without a job

The 36-year-old reportedly vowed to pay for the personnel’s salaries until things get back to normal. According to a source, the people Trevor is helping had been with him in the show since Day 1 and he has so much respect for them that it was only right that he helps them get through this terrifying period.

After production paused in April, the political commentator had done the show online and had since renamed it to ‘The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah.’ Even with this arrangement, which more and more companies are copying, writers, producers, and other staff have been sending their ideas virtually.

However, this had left video operators, camera men, audio technicians, and many others without anything to do and hence, no way of earning. As such, Trevor covering up their income only shows how much he values these people.

Advantages of Staying at Home

Meanwhile, Trevor clearly understands the perks of staying at home and accomplishing tasks, which he detailed in an episode of the new version of his show. After learning that Twitter allowed its employees to remain in their abodes to work even if the outbreak has been managed, he expressed awe of the move and hoped that other companies would follow suit.

Allie/Unsplash The comedian noted some advantages of working from home

He quipped that people would only need five seconds of commute to head to their so-called office and it’s highly unlikely that employees would be fired via a Zoom call. However, there’s a downside, according to Trevor: it’s now more difficult to snatch your coworker’s lunch.

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