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This May be Kristen Bell’s Most Honest Parenting Advice to Date, and It Totally Makes Sense

Parenting is a journey that’s both rewarding and terrifying, and one of the people who aren’t afraid to admit that is actress Kristen Bell, who, throughout the years, has gotten into the nitty-gritty of her tough job as a mom as well as the exciting aspects of it. She has also given pieces of advice that parents will find valuable in their journey.

Take a Breather

The actress and husband Dax Shepard share two children, Delta and Lincoln, who are 5 and 7 years old, respectively. Having little girls around the house can get chaotic and overwhelming, but when that happens, Kristen takes a break.

The Frozen star believes nothing good comes out of negativity. If the situation starts to get out of hand, it might be best to just leave. This advice especially applies to moms who are balancing family and work-life during this pandemic.

When things get overwhelming, parents must also listen to themselves

The 39-year-old has also underscored the importance of self-care and respecting the process that you’re going through. Kristen reminded moms and dads to also look after themselves because they will not be of much help if they are in distress.

Post-Partum Body

A lot of moms suffer from body insecurities after giving birth, and even though they know that it’s part of the process, they still struggle. Some find it hard to go back to their pre-pregnancy weight and believe it or not, Kristen had gone through the same battle.

Remind yourself that your body made a beautiful human being

Kristen revealed that she held on to the baby weight for more than a year, but even then, looking at the extra skin on her tummy doesn’t make her feel uncomfortable. These scars may be imperfections for others, but for her, they are a reminder of what she has gone through.

Underlining the Importance of Apologies

In a household, fighting is merely inevitable for couples – there are long days and then happier ones. But whenever you argue with your better half, always make it a point to show to your kids how you guys make up.

Joe Seer/Shutterstock Dax Shepard came up with a brilliant idea

Dax thought of this technique because he noticed that the children usually witness the fight but rarely how their parents reconcile. So when he and Kristen get into a spat within the day and make amends in the evening, they will still let their kids hear each other’s apologies in the next morning.

Committing to Parenting

Kristen has come to terms that parenting is her utmost priority, which means that she has found a way to decline offers. She doesn’t feel guilty anymore for not giving time to her career because of her obligations towards her kids.

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