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This Is Probably How Prince Harry Really Feels After Leaving His Family and Moving to the US

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle angered the public with their decision to step away from their senior roles, all the more when they officially vacated their posts on March 31 to start their life anew on the other side of the pond. After the Sussexes traveled to Canada, they put down roots in Los Angeles, California, which again, sparked criticisms.

The family’s relocation to another country didn’t come at an ideal time – the coronavirus pandemic was slowly gripping fear across the nations and then they were there, leaving the royal clan’s home. So how are they finding their new hometown?

Majesty Magazine editor-in-chief Ingrid Stewart is hopeful that after a life filled with controversies, the Sussexes are having a more peaceful time in a new land. But that doesn’t mean the adjustment phase is easy.

The pandemic makes it hard for Prince Harry to connect with people

The expert believes that the Duke of Sussex is terribly missing his family, especially now that the outbreak has caused most of us to be paranoid. She also predicted that the 35-year-old must be pondering about the things he would have accomplished had he been back home.

One source narrated how Prince Harry told his close pals that he was surprised by how things panned out. Specifically, he was still in disbelief about how his life turned upside down.

Don’t get him wrong, the father of Archie’s relationship with the former Suits actress has been swell but he just didn’t expect the situation to turn out the way the public sees it now. Omid Scobie, who wrote the couple’s tell-all book Finding Freedom, argued that not even the Sussexes knew how this departure, dubbed as Megxit, would play out.

It didn’t help that people are social distancing at this moment, which means that they don’t get to see their friends in person in Los Angeles. Because they have been isolating, Prince Harry feels homesick and cut off, an insider shared.

Queen Elizabeth misses Prince Harry

While technology helps him connect with his family back home, the time difference makes it hard to communicate, and many insiders even claim that Queen Elizabeth II sorely misses her grandson.

Despite seeing Prince Harry as a valuable asset to the monarchy, the nonagenarian respects his and Meghan’s decision to leave the royal family for the sake of their peace.

Meghan lived in Los Angeles before

Meanwhile, another expert claimed that even Meghan is going to find it hard to adjust to her new life in her home country. Yes, she may have lived in Los Angeles previously, but given the new level of fame she has now, it will be difficult.

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