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Madonna’s SHOCKING Coronavirus Revelation, Plus More Stars Affected by the Pandemic

The truth about the coronavirus is that it is highly contagious but isn’t always deadly. Some who are struck hard require hospitalization while others recover on their own, just like Madonna, who misdiagnosed the serious illness as ‘a bad flu.’

Two months ago, before Madonna knew that she had the new coronavirus strain, discovered in Wuhan, China, she felt sick during her ‘Madame X Tour’ in Paris. In an Instagram post, the singer clarified what she had gone through to quash the rumors circulating.

The hitmaker then went on to say that she and other artists were ill by the end of the tour, and they all thought they had the flu. It turns out they had contracted the virus, and when she got tested, it showed that she had the anti-bodies.

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock Madonna has the antibodies for the virus

In a video titled ‘Quarantine Diaries No. 14,’ the Queen of Pop revealed that after learning that she had fought the infection, she planned to drive around and breathe some fresh air. This revelation came a couple of months after the production of her tour was canceled due to the pandemic.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that having anti-bodies — or the protein needed to fight off infection for coronavirus –doesn’t mean that the person cannot get reinfected. Health experts have said that there’s no guarantee of immunity from this contagious virus, especially since there were reports of survivors falling ill anew.

Celebs Who Tested Positive

Madonna is barely the first celebrity to catch the dreaded coronavirus called Covid-19, proving that it doesn’t spare even the rich and powerful. Husband and wife Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were in Australia when they got tested and learned they were carriers.

Tinseltown/Shutterstock Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson got tested in Australia

The ‘Cast Away’ star was in the Land Down Under for the production of an Elvis Presley biopic. The couple did survive the bout against the coronavirus that claimed millions of lives across the globe, but Tom admitted that his other half suffered more than him.

Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert also tested positive, prompting many basketball stars whom he interacted with to go into self-quarantine. The game between his team and Oklahoma City Thunder was canceled, as was the rest of the NBA season, out of fear of spreading the infection.

Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock Idris Elba didn’t feel any symptoms

Idris Elba has also caught the virus but was asymptomatic. Many speculate that he might have gotten the infection from Sophie George Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife. Both were spotted in a picture together just before he fell sick. However, the actor has yet to confirm the speculations.

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