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Kylie’s New BFF Stassie May Never Be Able to Take Jordyn Woods’ Place

Kylie Jenner is social distancing with her baby daughter, Stormi, in a humongous mansion in Hidden Hills, and to add more salt to our wounds, she bought yet another house to remind us that she’s still a billionaire. Living in a multi-million-dollar mansion can get lonely.

Enter Anastasia Karanikolaou, the makeup mogul’s close friend, who is gladly spending time with her in quarantine. Of course, this was after Stassi appeared to have violated California’s rule on staying home when she visited her billionaire pal, saw some family members in Palm Springs, and even got a manicure.

Stassie and Kylie have been longtime friends

If you have been following Kylie on Instagram of late then you may have an idea of how she kills boredom in her new spacious abode.

First, the youngest self-made billionaire showed off her new crib by taking selfies in different spots, including the pool. Then, Kylie and Anastasia, commonly known as Stassie, joined the hype of making hilarious TikTok videos, like the one where they recreated scenes from the family’s E! reality show, Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

Despite the countless clips they shared on social media, fans don’t think their bond is that natural. After seeing how they spent time, others feel that their friendship is forced and that Kylie isn’t as relaxed when she used to hang out with her ex-best friend, Jordyn Woods.

Jordyn centered in a cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian

One fan believes that she misses her former BFF, who was left out in the dark after she wound up in a cheating scandal involving Tristan Thompson, the baby daddy of Khloe Kardashian, Kylie’s older half-sister. Another supporter noticed how Stormi’s mom was awkward around Stassie and another echoed the sentiment, adding their chemistry was off.

Some people contested that Kylie never referred to Stassie as her best friend, which is why there was no need to question their friendship. However, others argued the two have been rubbing elbows for the longest time.

Fans noticed how relaxed Kylie was around Jordyn

Although the last word is still with Kylie, one couldn’t help but think about the lost connection between her and Jordyn. In an episode of their show, the social media superstar underlined how she leaned on her former friend, even calling her a security blanket.

Despite relying on her about almost everything, Kylie believed that the problem happened to teach her a lesson – that she has become too dependent on her and that she needed to grow by herself. Now, it’s unclear whether the reality star is willing to let Jordyn back into her life, but at least she had addressed the elephant in the room in their show.

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