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Kanye West Banned Just Got Banned from Twitter! This is the Tweet that Got Him in Trouble

It looks like Kanye West has been at it again. After causing a stir when he announced his run for the presidency in July, the rapper is back on Twitter posting about another controversial topic. This time, though, things didn’t end well for him as the social networking site ended up banning him temporarily for sharing some pretty interesting information with his 31 million followers.

Calling Out the Industry

Sky Cinema/Shutterstock — The rapper also mentioned his wife, Kim Kardashian, who he said is his lawyer

Much of West’s rant, which began on September 16, had something to do with the music industry and how it has prevented artists like him from owning their work. He even went as far as to post screenshots of his contracts with Universal Records to have ‘every lawyer in the world’ to check them out.

The documents included a recording agreement as well as a profit-sharing agreement. The 43-year-old billionaire also referenced the late Michael Jackson and Prince, both of whom also fought against their labels for ownership of their masters during their long career. West then demanded that the music industry simplify their contracts, which he found to be overly complicated.

Act of Protest

Carlo Allegri/Getty — West has won 21 Grammy Awards since his debut in 2004

To get his point across even more, the ‘Famous’ singer posted a video of him seemingly urinating on one of his Grammy trophies. He captioned the tweet with ‘I WON’T STOP’ as an expression of his commitment to fighting for the rights to his music.

Likening most record contracts to modern-day slavery, West shared that standard agreements are a ‘trap’ for artists so that they may never recoup. Add to that are all the hidden fees added to the contracts that allow labels to make even more money off of their artists without even trying.

While the rapper said and posted a lot of controversial things on his Twitter timeline, what got him in trouble was something that’s unrelated to his music industry tirade.

One Mistake

Cavan-Images/Shutterstock — Twitter has a policy against posting or even threatening to post another person’s private information

He was temporarily banned from Twitter because he posted the phone number of a Forbes editor and urged his followers to call him. West also described the editor as a ‘white supremacist’.

The act was in violation of the social networking site’s guidelines against doxxing people. His account won’t be activated again until he removes the private information.

Twitter has also hidden the tweet to protect the privacy and safety of the editor.

Since then, West has regained access to his account and has continued to post about his qualms with the industry.

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