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Michael Jordan Once Turned Down the Opportunity to Make $100 Million for a 2-Hour Appearance

ome oMichael Jordan stopped playing basketball, a game in which he amazingly excelled in, many years ago, but that didn’t stop the lucrative offers. Despite his decision to rest from the busy scene, the athlete, also fondly called M.J., keeps receiving eye-popping projects – but he doesn’t sign them all, even if some of which has a $100-million tag.

Many stories about the basketball legend have made the rounds, but the latest will surely make you look at him differently. David Falk, his former agent, recently revealed how particular his client is in choosing offers and added that the man, regarded as the best player of all time, doesn’t care about the price tag at all.

David Falk and Michael Jordan worked together

Speaking on the radio program Boomer and Gio, the 70-year-old recounted an instance three years ago, when he brought an offer worth $100 million to the star. All Jordan had to do was make an appearance for two hours to announce the deal.

Anyone would have signed that in a heartbeat, but the former Chicago Bulls player declined it. Falk couldn’t help but be in awe of how much thought his client puts into the deals he chooses.

The agent further explained that being able to turn down massive offers only shows that the NBA superstar is successful. The place Michael is in right now gives him a chance to choose which projects speak to him personally.

Proceeds of The Last Dance will go to charities

Jordan has an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion, Forbes reported, which could have been why he didn’t grab the deal. A proof that the celebrity is not looking at the price of a project is his recent undertaking, The Last Dance, a sports documentary that narrates the height of his career with the Chicago Bulls, particularly during the 1997-1998 season.

According to the grapevine, the 57-year-old will earn between $3 million and $4 million from it – in case you forget, it’s extremely lower than the amount offered years ago. But as it is obvious, Michael doesn’t really need the money, evidenced by his decision to donate the proceeds to charities.

Around six million viewers watched the first two parts of the miniseries recently, and it made history: it became ESPN’s most-watched docuseries. Before the show aired, Jordan warned his fans that they might not understand his intensity.

The basketball player used to trash talk other players

He further said that people might not comprehend some of his actions and why he said the things he did. Die-hard fans of Jordan know that during his heydays, he used to trash-talk his teammates and opponents alike.

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