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Tom Cruise Has A Garage Filled With Luxury Cars, But This Is The Rarest in His Collection

Tom Cruise is one of the few veteran actors who pours his soul into his craft. With his long and impressive film credits, there’s no question as to how he was able to have an enviable collection of cars.

At 57, the chiseled actor has enjoyed quite a successful career in Hollywood. He first started acting during the ‘80s before immediately swooning over viewers with his sheer talent and good looks. However, he took the industry by storm when he portrayed Maverick Mitchell in the 1986 film Top Gun, which is considered as his biggest movie.

Tom played Maverick Mitchell in Top Gun

While it wasn’t meant to define him, many saw his potential as an action star. This would just be the start of his blockbuster streak in the genre.

After Top Gun, he showed his acting chops in A Few Good Men, and who could even forget Mission: Impossible? The latter has become synonymous with his name, and it would be futile to think of another actor to take on the role of Ethan Hunt.

There are still many films attached to his name apart from the ones mentioned. But his works and his part in the Church of Scientology are the reasons Tom has an estimated net worth of $570 million.

With that amount of money and probably the need for adrenaline, it is only understandable that he has an impressive lineup of vehicles in his garage. From his collection, it is evident that Tom values luxury as well as performance and speed.

The hunk has BMWs in his set, a 3-series and a 7-series. Because these came from a posh German brand, you can expect that not everyone can afford it although these don’t cost an arm and a leg that even the effluent can’t buy.

Tom has two Ford Mustang Saleens

The Edge of Tomorrow star is also fond of exotic rides that are pricier than typical wheels. For example, he boasts a pair of Ford Mustang Saleens, which were modified by the renowned car manufacturer Saleen.

However, the most eye-catching in his garage, especially if you know a lot about cars, is the Bugatti Veyron, which is also the most expensive in the bunch. It made records as the fastest in 2007 with 254 mph top speed and in 2010, 268 mph.

The actor came in the premiere in his Veyron

The title was eventually stolen in 2017 by the Koenigsegg Agera RS, but note that it took seven years before Veyron was beaten. Plus, Bugatti only created 450 units of this car, and Tom has one of the originals, which he showed off during the Mission: Impossible III premiere.

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