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Kevin Jonas’ Wife is a Successful Entrepreneur – Get to Know the Jewellery Designer

All the Jonas Brothers are happily married, but among the three artists, Kevin’s wife is relatively the most low-key. While Priyanka Chopra and Sophie Turner are famous actors, Danielle Jonas is a successful entrepreneur.

There’s not much info about the wife of Kevin, the first among the three Jonases to become a father. However, little did people know that away from the limelight, she is busy handling her eponymous jewelry business.

Danielle gets inspiration for her designs from her grandmother, who sported pieces that could seamlessly transition for different occasions, both during the day and night. As such, she always keeps her idol in mind when styling the accessories.

Danielle’s favorite is the Beginnings collection’s Drop Huggie

Like most businesses, Danielle’s venture has something to do with her passion. The 33-year-old further shared she values something where she can pour her creativity on.

Since the launch of her brand in 2018, there were already three lines released – New Beginnings, Moments, and Perla. Of the three, the mom of two’s favorite is the Drop Huggie from the Beginnings collection, a dainty pair of 18k gold-plated sterling silver earrings.

The couple is blessed with two daughters

Right now, her team is working on new designs to be released soon. When asked which jewelry she spent her most money on, it was a wedding ring she gave to Kevin for their 10th anniversary.

Clearly, Danielle is a huge fan of jewelry. Still, when it comes to the most valuable for her, two pieces come to her mind: a ring Kevin used when he popped the question and another that was given and made by her father from a ring he inherited from his dad as well.

The couple share two children, Valentina and Alena, and Danielle revealed a children’s collection might be coming out, too. In the past, the jewelry designer named two pieces after her daughters.

Apart from her business, Danielle is also busy in slowly becoming a celebrity herself. Die-hard fans of the JoBro had probably noticed her in the music video for the 2019 hit Sucker.

In Sucker, Danielle joined Priyanka and Sophie for an appearance

Along with former beauty queen Priyanka and Game of Thrones star Sophie, Danielle also starred in the What a Man Gotta Do music video. Danielle admitted she had fun shooting for the two songs, but it was definitely out of her element.

Danielle, who has been married to Kevin since 2009, admitted she won’t ever be fully comfortable getting in front of the camera. So it looks like we won’t be seeing her frequently after all!

Meanwhile, the lockdown has allowed Danielle is squeeze in some Me time even though she’s juggling business, kids, and homeschooling. She makes time to decompress no matter what.

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