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You Might Have Underestimated the Role of Stress in Your Weight Loss Progress

At the start of the year, you promised yourself that you would do everything you can to reach your ideal weight – and when you eventually got close to hitting that number, you hit a plateau. Stress may be the culprit behind this stall in your journey.

What Happens to Your Body When You’re Stressed?

Being put under constant stress can take a toll on your body. Once you feel threatened or anxious about something, you will react with a fight or flight response.

Your body enters survival mode and will work twice as hard to get you out of a situation. It will prioritize what is most needed, and digestion will take a backseat – this means that no matter how healthy you eat, you won’t be able to absorb the nutrients properly.

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol, the hormone that triggers cravings and increases appetite. These urges are hard not to act on, especially if you are craving comfort food.

While short-term stress can’t be avoided, it is essential not to let it take over your life. Suffering from this for an extended period will eventually lead to something worse. If you’ve noticed that it is indeed taking a toll on your weight loss journey, here are ways to tackle that:

Be Selfish

Sometimes, stress comes from having too many things to deal with at once. This is why you should learn to say ‘no,’ especially when you know you can’t face your problems altogether.

Wee Lee/Unsplash Learn to say no and focus on yourself first

Remember, you can’t give anything you don’t have. As such, you have to give it to yourself to be sometimes selfish and think of yourself first rather than prioritize others.

Identify Sources of Stress

Convertkit/Unsplash Find your sources of stress

We sometimes get anxious over all sorts of issues, but we don’t usually feel we have the power over these matters. Check where the stress is coming from and address the root cause to avoid future problems.

Be Mindful

Whenever we feel stressed, we can’t process a lot of emotions that flood our minds. With the chaos surrounding us, it is all the more important to take a breather and slow down.

Helena Lopes/Unsplash Savor every bite of your food to avoid overeating

It pays to be mindful and be present in the moment because you will be able to focus your mind on what truly matters. Whenever you’re eating, enjoy every bite and shift your attention to the food rather than mindlessly consuming anything that you see.

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