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These Rich and Famous YouTubers Prove You Can Earn Big Just By Creating Videos

Do you still have no idea what to do for a living? Maybe you should consider a career on YouTube, a video-sharing platform proven to be lucrative for so many content creators.

Many famous people have raked in millions of dollars just by creating videos and uploading them on YouTube – of course, the clips need to be viewed so many times before they get paid. If you’re still not convinced about how much money you can make on the site, then look at these rich social media personalities:

JoJo Siwa

If you have kids, then you probably have heard about JoJo Siwa at some point. Well, you may have even seen her in the mall because her merchandise is everywhere.

JoJo Siwa is a Dance Mom alum

Before becoming a YouTuber with mostly little girls as followers, she was already famous for her stint with Dance Moms. Now, the bow-wearing JoJo is busy building her brand all over the world.

In her videos, she does almost anything with much glee – from singing to dancing to acting. JoJo is reported to be the highest earner in the platform (nearly $570,000 per clip) and has about 11 million subscribers.

Anastasia Radzinskaya

Even though kids technically aren’t allowed to work, Anastasia Radzinskaya is already earning millions at the age of only 6. The little girl has 54 million subscribers and earns $540,000 per post.

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is one of the most famous people on the platform who gained traction after releasing a diss track called It’s Everyday Bro that was released in 2017. Before YouTube, he made videos on Vine, a now-defunct video site.

Jake Paul used to be on Vine

His videos mainly showcase his and his brother Logan Paul’s crazy antics and pranks. Jake, who starred in Disney’s Bizaardvark, boasts 20 million followers and earns close to $181,000 per video.

Ryan Kaji

The 8-year-old makes millions out of reviewing toys – yes, you read that right because, for just one video, he pockets over $133,000. Ryan Kaji is not even a teen, and still, he earns tons of cash only by doing what he loves in front of the camera.

Ryan’s World reviews toys

His YouTube account, Ryan’s World, is pretty much a family affair because it also features his parents and sisters. Because of his immense popularity, a Nickelodeon TV series and toy merchandise were born.


Felix Kjellberg, in real life, PewDiePie, first started his vlogs with video reactions and tutorials for games. Even though he has swirled controversies in the past, he still brags 100 million loyal subscribers on YouTube.

He makes around $80,000 per video, but because of the level of fame he now has, he earns money as well from other things.

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