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Tom Holland as Hercules? Why the Spider-Man Star May Be the Best Actor to Play the Role

If there’s a prize for rotten judgment, Disney would never win that. These past few years, the media giant has been pulling out its all-time favorite animated movies from their vault and creating live-action versions of these, marketing on the nostalgia the stories bring.

From the character-shifting story of Maleficent to the eye-candy Cinderella, to the accurately cast Aladdin, it seems that Disney has no intention of killing this trend. Even though its latest recreation, Mulan, has not reached the theaters yet because of the Covid-19 pandemic, news that the production company’s next project would be the adaptation of the 1997 classic Hercules is already making noise.

Tom Holland is famous for portraying Spider-Man

Of course, people on the internet are already suggesting who could be the perfect actor to play the Zero to Hero role, and Tom Holland has a lot of backers already. The English actor is best known for portraying the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, and now, many are hoping to see him in the herculean character.

Well, this could be possible considering that the crew involved in this movie has also worked with a company familiar to Tom: Disney’s superhero arm Marvel. Among the talended crew members is screenplay writer David Callaham, who wrote the script for Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Ring, and the Russo Brothers – Joe and Anthony – who famously directed the top-grossing film Avengers: Endgame.

The Russo Brothers have worked with Tom since 2016

These filmmakers also brought Tom into the spider suit for his introduction in the 2016 MCU film Captain America: Civil War. The brothers are also working with him in the movie adaptation of a crime-drama novel, Cherry, slated for release soon.

We all know that Tom can handle the stunts and fight scenes that Hercules faced, but if he is going to play the son of Zeus in a Disney-produced movie, then he has got to sing. Tom would have to go the distance for this — luckily, he already has a background in musical theater after he took on the lead role in Billy Elliot the Musical, which was his debut in the entertainment world.

Fans also wish that Ariana Grande would play Megara in the movie

Still, if this movie would go on the path that Aladdin took, Disney might choose to hire a lead actor who has a Greek ancestry or if it would opt for a more diverse cast, it might give the role to an actor of color.

Aside from Tom Holland, people are also heavily suggesting that Danny DeVito reprise his role as Philoctetes, Hercules’ hero coach. Fans are also proposing Ariana Grande to play the role of Megara after she performed I Won’t Say (I’m in Love) in The Disney Family Singalong.

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