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6 Life-Changing Shoe Hacks that Will Give New Meaning to the Word ‘Comfort’

Being a woman has its perks, but also some pitfalls. One of the downsides of it has to be the pain you must go through in the name of fashion — men could never walk a mile in our shoes… quite literally. We’ve all had that moment when we go out in our glamorous heels and come back with bruises and blisters on our feet.

Is id because you still haven’t broken into the shoe or did you get a smaller size? Or perhaps, you’ve just settled with something because you couldn’t find the perfect pair? Whatever it is, your feet don’t deserve to suffer.

The bottom line is, comfort should be paramount and must never be left at the end of the criteria list when finding the ultimate footwear. What good will your shoes be if you can’t walk in it? Here are some life-changing hacks to help you find the perfect pair that isn’t just stylish but also ultra-comfy!

Shop Later in The Day

Shop in the afternoon or in the evening because your feet swell as the day goes by

Going shopping after work might sound a little ridiculous at first but it makes sense if you’ve been noticing that your feet tend to swell at the day goes by, which means that the pair you got this morning may feel too snug around your feet by the afternoon or evening.

Think Twice Before Buying

Generally, shoes are like clothes: if they look good on the shelves you instantly try them on. However, if your size is unavailable, you’re faced with a really tough decision: you know that it’s uncomfortable when you wear it, but it’s so awesome you simply cannot pass on it. But resist the temptation to buy shoes that don’t fit well because they’ll end up in a corner of your closet only never to be used again.


If you don’t find it comfortable, don’t buy it

Invest in Heel Grips

Heel grips are perfect for those whose feet measurement falls a little less than half sizes. These life-changing, heaven-sent creations, which are cheap by the way, give extra filling and which are just attached to the heels. You’ll definitely feel cozy especially with new shoes that are notorious for blistering the back of the ankles.

Magic of a Hair Dryer

Hairdryers aren’t strictly for your luscious locks, they can be used to stretch out new shoes that are too snug for your feet. Simply put the shoes on and use the blow dryer to apply heat until your feet start to feel warm. Keep your feet in the shoes and wait for the shoes to cool down before removing them. If you try wearing the shoes again, you’ll realize that they’re a bit looser now.

Yay for Insoles

If you always run around doing errands or you just like to take long walks, do yourself a favor and get insoles. Experts have always warned us that the wrong pair of shoes can lead to problems like foot arch and heel pain. Insoles are definitely a wise investment to avoid foot-related issues.

Insoles are definitely a wise investment to avoid foot-related issues

A lot of people think that shoes are generally designed to protect the feet, but not all of them can provide the necessary cushion you need. That’s why insoles are helpful in promoting comfort and ease.


Although unfamiliar to some, shoe-stretchers are actually a great way to loosen up the shoes. This is ideal for those who struggle with wide feet, in which case a pair fits perfectly in length but not in width. Investing in this innovation is the way to go. Just insert it on the footwear and leave it out for a day, after which, you’ll notice a little change on how it feels on your feet.

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