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DIY Alert: 3-Ingredient Peppermint Sugar Scrub for Cheap, Effective Exfoliation

Skincare is an ever-growing industry that underlines the importance of self-care and beauty without sounding vain. Beauty junkies know how vital it is to take care of your skin, which is the largest organ in the body. A good diet is key for healthy, glowy skin but sometimes it’s good to take help from skincare products to enhance your beauty.

However, these items can come with a hefty price tag and if you have no problem emptying your wallet for the sake of beauty, then you’re lucky — but if not, then this DIY hack is for you.

Sugar Scrub

One of the most popular beauty products is the scrub, which is used for exfoliating the top layer of your skin to shed the dead skin cells. that makes our skin look dry and lifeless.

Although they are a bit expensive, especially the branded ones, you can make one at home with only three everyday ingredients: peppermint oil (or any other flavored oil of your choice), sugar, and coconut oil. You can also add food color and other fancy ingredients of your choice and you have your homemade scrub in three minutes!

Sugar scrubs are easy to do and are effective skin exfoliators

Start by preparing all the ingredients needed as well as the material, like a mixing microwavable bowl, whisk or spoon, and a small jar or container to store the finished product.

Then, heat the coconut oil in the microwave until it melts. Add it to the bowl of sugar, peppermint oil, and a drop of food color. Stir until everything is combined. Pour the mixture into the jar and voila! If you’re a frugal busy bee, you can whip this up right before bath time.

Pro Tips

You can always replace peppermint oil with any essential oil you prefer and you may also customize the sugar scrub for different occasions.

For the holiday season, the peppermint oil is perfect and may also be ideal for those who prefer a little minty effect on the skin or on the lips.

You can also give this as a gift to your friends or place it in tiny cute containers as a party giveaway. The trick here is to alter the food color you use to match the scent of the oil.

This DIY peppermint sugar scrub will only eat five minutes of your time

Plus, a little color can make your product Instagrammable or Pinterest-ish – of course with a little tweaking on the packaging.

Add a ribbon that will complement the color of your scrub or you can also use stickers to indicate the ingredients used and who you’re giving it to. This is a great way to express your thoughtfulness to the people you care for because handmade gifts win hearts better than store-bought ones, hands down.

Storage Advice

If you’re using it in the house, it may solidify with time because of the coconut oil. If this is the case, get a bowl of hot water, just enough so it will not overflow when you dip your jar inside.

You’ll find that the coconut oil will harden when kept in a cool room

Make sure that the lid is tightly shut before you place it in the water and then wait for a minute or two before you take it out of the water. The mixture should be soft enough to be scooped out again. If you don’t want to do this all over again, replace coconut oil with avocado or grapeseed oil.

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